Cyprus, Pareklissia

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Our goal is to always create an integrated lifestyle and convenience experience throughout your journey to one of life’s most important decisions. That’s why our careful expansion has allowed us to find one of the most popular places – Pareklissia. Known for its charm and tranquility, located just five minutes from the Mediterranean Sea, Pareklisia is surrounded by plenty of greenery, beautiful restaurants and, most importantly, very easy and safe roads.

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The Design

Carefully devised with the utmost originality, the new gated residence is beautifully composed of three striking villas and an enchanting building all designed to resonate a theme of elegance, comfort and aspiration through one development, “Ranalda”.

“Ranalda”, is cautiously composed to make sure that harmony, spaciousness, impeccable quality, and exceptional design are not just factors of design, but also factors of peace-creation in the makin


Project Components  

  • A building of 10 apartments lavishly designed with the utmost care offering a sense of complimentary feel to the gated residence.
  • A standalone villa, with an area of over 150m2, is just a breakthrough with its carefully considered facades. It is a combination of exceptional elements all coming together to form a feel of harmony and minimalism.
  • Two semi-detached villas resembling beauty and art at the same time. These two villas, with an area of over 145m2 are what completes the gated residence to make it one of the most distinguished projects in the area.

Villas Perspectives





Building Complex Perspectives